5 Benefits of a Cloud Translation Management System

cloud translation management

The present-day business world is driven by globalization, a process that’s rapidly breaking down geographical boundaries and bringing together various actors on to one world stage. As business organizations across the globe are striving to unlock their revenue potentials by venturing into uncharted markets, localization has emerged as absolutely central to commercial success.

A cloud translation management system has the potential to create well-targeted, localized content in today’s globalized and digitized world. So let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using this modern-day translation tool.

Improves the Quality of Translation

A cloud translation management system comes equipped with a host of features capable of enhancing translation quality. It helps to ensure that content translated for foreign markets is accurate and understandable to a target audience. Whether content is sales copy, web copy, designed for a mobile application, or promotional email, it’s crucial to ensure that cultural mistakes in translation don’t ruin a brand’s localization efforts.

Automates File Management

Human language translators can make use of the way a cloud translation management system automates various organization workflows and processes. Compared to traditional localization methods, utilizing a centralized database does away with the constant back and forth of files between teams. Localization teams can also available themselves of a shared style guide and glossary, in-context editor, revision history, translation memory, and much more.

Provides Easy and Convenient Portability

One of the most significant advantages of a cloud translation management system is that it allows translators to access files from anywhere at any time. Traditional translation systems require sourced and translated files to be stored on physical drives. A cloud translation management system eliminates the need for such drives, significantly improving both speed and efficiency. Also, in case a linguist needs to be replaced, a new linguist can easily pick up where the former one left off.

  • Hundreds of data points can be employed to determine the best solution at each decision point. It’s all about efficiency.

Saves Time

Organizations operate in an environment where the age-old adage, “time is money” is followed whole-heartedly. If a business wishes to succeed in an international market, it needs to respond quickly to market localization trends before a competitor grabs the opportunity. A cloud translation management system can considerably reduce the amount of time necessary to localize content and offer trending products or services to a local audience Since such a system doesn’t require a lot of human intervention, translation-ready content can flow smoothly and quickly between localization teams in different countries.

  • Automate workflows, communicate more effectively, and manage deliverables and due dates. It’s all about saving time.

Leads to High Monetary Savings

A cloud translation management system provides localization teams with a holistic view of all translation projects to enable them to make more informed decisions. Relying on human translators alone calls for a good degree of financial investment. However, a cloud translation management system is way more cost-effective because translation projects can be completed more quickly. Translation managers can easily track how much of their budget is being channeled towards localization. They are better able to calculate their ROI for specific marketing campaigns, content, assets, languages, etc.

Cloud Translation Management System: Conclusion

If you are a business aiming to enter new markets and activate new streams of revenue, a cloud translation management system is worthy of your investment. And, if you are looking for the best in such systems, Localize has the capabilities and tools to fulfill all of your localization needs across all devices and platforms. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you succeed in your international marketing efforts.

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