Google is shutting down Website Translator

It was recently announced that Google Website Translator is shutting down on March 16th, 2015. Website Translator was a feature that let users customize the translations displayed on their website by the Google Translate Widget.

Google Website Translator will no longer support user suggestions, translation corrections, and glossary terms.

Are there alternatives to Google Website Translator?


If you’re using the Google Translator Widget or Website Translator, take a look at Localize. It’s a service that works similarly.

Like the Google Website Translator, Localize automatically translates your site by adding just 1-line of code to your website. Localize generates machine translations for your website, and provides an interface that makes it easy to customize and edit the translations displayed on your site. You can also invite external translators to your account or order translations from professional translators for an extra per-word fee.

If you’d like to migrate to Localize from Google Website Translator or the Google Translate Widget, download your translation data and email They will be able to import your translations into your Localize account so you don’t have to start from scratch.

We highly recommend that you discontinue use of Google Website Translator in preparation for its final shutdown. Don’t forget to export your translations from Google here.

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