Is Google Translate Accurate Enough For Businesses?

Reaching global audiences more easily than any other time in history is hardly useful when your website can only be viewed in a single language. To accelerate the internationalization process, many businesses are turning to automated translators, but is it an accurate representation of your content?

Machine Translation technology (like Google Translate) uses algorithms that are based on statistical pattern matching: comparing a simple word-to-word correspondence between two languages that anyone proficient in a two language pair could easily handle. One problem: the human translation is often vastly different. The unfortunate truth is that automated translations help establish a basic understanding, but fail to capture the nuance properly.

Is Google Translate Accurate Enough For Businesses? 1

Can Businesses Rely On Automated Translators?

Languages in the world have evolved over time, and as such there are situations when an exact conversion of a single word or phrase from one language to another is not possible. In such circumstances, Google Translate will fall short, using rules and equations rather than judgments. Businesses need a more flexible and robust translation alternative, like Localize.

Is Google Translate Accurate Enough For Businesses? 2

Human translation services hire experienced and certified translators who know how to adopt a particular tone and style that resembles the original content. This will allow your content to convey the same message as the original text, making it understandable by native speakers, respecting style, ideas, and the original composition of a business text.

Google Translate Cannot Compare to a Professional Translator

Google Translate’s two-step method is flawed, complex, and error-prone, as it translates the source content into a more common language (most often English) before translating into the desired language. Probabilistic models inherently disadvantages smaller, simple messages, which lack context. Technical documents or marketing content require knowledge of the business, and with (often) only one chance to make a first impression, visitors must fully comprehend the brand message to make a decision.

Is Google Translate Accurate Enough For Businesses? 3

Businesses Need a Professional Human Translation Service

Maintaining a professional image in multiple languages requires attention to detail. Why risk losing the respect of customers in foreign markets?

At Localize we understand the need to preserve your business name and reputation wherever you happen to conduct business. Your marketing content already reads and looks great in your native language, let Localize make sure it looks just as good no matter where your customers are.

Why You Should Choose Localize

Corporate communication and marketing in multiple languages is a critical to the success of your business in our global world. Let us help you maintain a consistent message for conducting business here, there and everywhere!

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