Language Services and How They Benefit the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector needs to constantly adapt to changing and evolving landscapes in social, political and business realms. Global competition and rapid technological advances are other key drivers of this change. Automation, modernized equipment, artificial intelligence are leading to redefinition of production processes with product life-cycles becoming shorter.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the output of manufactured products was expected to grow by just 3.4 % in 2017. Political uncertainties, fluctuating fuel or oil prices put increasing pressure on free flow of goods between markets.

Why do manufacturers need language services?

With global markets necessitating increased production volumes and the need to source materials from different regions, it is clear that localization is the need of the hour for the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing sector faces increasing pressure to sustain the growth momentum in this challenging scenario. To optimize growth and achieve objectives, whether submission of bids or selling products in new markets, manufacturers need to speak the language of the region. In today’s digitally connected world, communication in the right language and context is key to establishing and nurturing business relationships.

The many benefits of language services

Professional language services help improve customer relations whether the customer is a client or another business. Language services that are localized are key to building and sustaining internal employee engagement which goes a long way towards boosting productivity and profitability. The HR professionals need to speak the local language in order to hire the best local talent to achieve the objectives of selling, acquisition or setting up a new manufacturing unit.

Inaccurate translation or interpretation can lead to costly errors in communication or could impact business relations if culturally insensitive. While employees may sometimes be asked to handle the translation, they may not be fully equipped or competent to do so, resulting in errors and delays. Employees taking up language services mean waste of valuable resources besides leading to extra hours of work for them.

It’s all in the details!

Even within a region that shares a common language there are minute differences in language that depends on their specific location, dialect and other factors. Certain slangs and terms are uniquely used in different locations. For instance, the way English itself is spoken in the U.S. and in Australia are different and manufacturers who intend to sell or set up their units in Australia may need to communicate in a way that they understand.

Conducting or attending trade fairs in new markets, presentations during conferences, developing manuals and safety information materials are just some of the areas where local language services are critical.

Professional language services help the manufacturing industry in many ways including:

· Optimizing business communications

· Developing conference presentations

· Development of trade show materials

· Optimized language service for operation, installation and maintenance

· Employee manuals in local languages

· Provision of environmental safety information

  • Health information

· Handling copyrighted and sensitive information

· Protocols or standard operating procedures(SOP) documentation

· Drawings – digital or manual

· Labelling and packaging content

· Content related to processes in operation or work flow

· Agreements and business contracts including service level or MoU
(memorandum of understanding)

· Documentation pertaining to regulatory information

· Marketing content including product brochures and slides

· E-learning material content including technical manuals

· Patient filing and documentation

· Presentations for seminars, trades, internal communication

Professional language service providers understand the different ways the same language is spoken in different locations and are able to help businesses reach their target audience better.

If manufacturing complex or multiple products, accurate and reliable language services make it easy to meet the legal or statutory requirements of the target regions.

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