What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A Translation Management System (TMS) is software that automates the process of translation. It supports complex translation projects and eliminates the repetitive and laborious tasks involved in manual translation. Many translation tasks involve teams of people who may be located in more than one country. A TMS can gather in the different functions of these groups so that everyone is working together. The following describes five main functions of a TMS.

1. Managing Workflow

A TMS makes the tasks involved in translation faster, more efficient, and less costly. It does this by managing documents, automating processes, and facilitating communication between different team members. Do you make use of a content management system (CMS) to publish material to your website or app regularly? If so, a TMS can automatically grab your new content and assign it to appropriate translators. In this way, you can keep your multilingual audiences up-to-date.

2. Managing Memory

A TMS will maintain a database of previously translated words and phrases. This process is known as translation memory. If you work with a high volume of translation, translation memory speeds up the process and maintains consistency by referring translators to previously translated material. A TMS maintains these memories centrally ensuring a streamlined process.

3. Managing Terminology

Like translation memory, a terminology database retains translations of branding and associated terms. This database ensures consistency in branding across different countries, regions, and languages.

4. Managing Reporting

Just as with other business processes, with respect to translation work you need to know certain facts. For example, how much work has been carried out, how much the work has cost, and how things look when compared to your planning and your budget. A TMS can easily collect all of this data since all translation work is managed centrally through one system.

5. Managing Integrated Machine Translation

A good TMS will offer you an application program interface (API) with machine translation providers. You may not consider that machine translation is suitable for your content, but it is available to you if you decide to use it in conjunction with an expert translator of whichever language you are dealing with.

Why Choose Localize as Your Translation Management System?

Localize is a TMS that takes translation to the highest level. Our 500 plus subscribers are evidence that with Localize your content will be translated smoothly and cost-effectively. Our platform enables seamless integration of your expert translators. Plus we also offer built-in integrations with our Language Service Provider partners Textmasters and Gengo. Visit our website to learn more about why Localize is the best TMS for your international business.

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