Why You Should Localize for Brazil

localize for Brazil

This post is about Brazil’s lucrative ecommerce market. To enter this market, your site needs to be in Brazil’s official language, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – Portuguese. If you want to appeal to Brazilian audiences, you must localize for Brazil and a Portuguese translation is the first step.

How Many People Speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is one of the ten most spoken languages globally, but only five percent of speakers live in Portugal. There are an estimated 228 million native speakers of Portuguese. Here’s how these speakers are broken down by country.

  • Brazil: 209 million
  • Angola: 18 million
  • Portugal and Mozambique: 10 million

Although they are the same language, there are some differences between the European Portuguese spoken in Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese.

Why Localize for Brazil?

Brazil is one of the world’s giants in mining, manufacturing, and agriculture and has a rapidly growing service sector. The country is a leading producer of various minerals and exports vast quantities of electronics, steel, automobiles, and consumer goods. The city of São Paulo, in particular, is one of the world’s major commercial and industrial centers.

What Is the eCommerce Outlook for Brazil?

  • Revenue in the Brazilian ecommerce market is projected to reach US$23,846m in 2021 and US$31,491m by 2025.
  • The average revenue per internet user is US$207.84.

How Many Internet Users Are There in Brazil?

The number of internet users in Brazil in 2019 was approximately 137 million, and internet penetration was 65 percent of the population. By 2025, the number of users in this South American country is expected to reach 158 million.

Localize for Brazil: A Few Things You Should Know

Brazil presents you with a vast audience, so here are some things you should keep in mind to effectively localize for Brazil.

  • Make sure you translate your content into Brazilian Portuguese, which differs from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.
  • 61% of financially active users online are over age 25.
  • The most popular social network in Brazil is Facebook, with LinkedIn way behind in second place. Use Facebook to encourage users to log in to your website.
  • E-mail marketing works very well in Brazil as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not an issue, at least for now.
  • The most popular mobile app in Brazil is WhatsApp, closely followed by Google Play, Google Search, and YouTube.
  • Android-based apps are overwhelmingly more popular (over 90%) than iOS apps, so it makes little sense to localize your iOS app for a Brazilian audience.
  • Online payments in Brazil are dominated by credit cards, which represent 69% of all online payments. The second most popular payment option is Boleto Bancário (24%).

What Do Brazilians Buy Online?

Electronics is the top-selling category in Brazil. The country’s consumers choose to buy from international ecommerce stores because of lower prices. A recent trend has been the purchasing of memory cards. Here are the other categories that do well in Brazilian e-commerce in order of sales volume.

Fashion and Accessories

This is the second most popular ecommerce category in Brazil. Watches are searched for more than sunglasses and lingerie (which are also very popular). Smartwatches (which also fall in the electronics category) are increasingly popular.

Computer Products

The line between electronics and computer products is blurry. USB drives, or as they are known in Brazil, pen drives, are among the most popular storage devices. Other computer products in demand are mini projectors, HDMI cables, external hard drives, and SSDs.

Games and Toys

The reason why Brazilians shop for video games online is better prices. Buying locally is much more expensive because of importation taxes. Recent video game big hits include:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
  • FIFA 17

Home and Décor

Many Brazilians want to add a Pinterest-y look to their homes and have nowhere else to turn to. One recent trend has been color-changing LED lights – some of them come with built-in Bluetooth speakers and play music. Other popular items are bathroom sets, desk décor sets, kitchen storage containers, bed linens, towels, and funny doormats.

Cosmetics, Fragrances and Personal Care

Brazilians go crazy over luxury perfumes. These items are already expensive in their originating countries, meaning prices tend to skyrocket in traditional boutiques. Purchasing from international ecommerce stores gives Brazilians a way to satisfy their cravings for costly fragrances. Skincare products are very important in this tropical country. Most Brazilians have a serious skincare routine and see a dermatologist regularly. Haircare products are also in great demand.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phone penetration is huge in Brazil, providing a profitable niche for ecommerce sellers of mobile phone accessories such as phone cases and screen protectors. Stylish headsets and small earphones connected via Bluetooth are all the rage. Another popular product is portable speakers – wireless, of course.

Automotive Accessories

Brazilian use their cars a lot, and owners take good care of their vehicles. Commutes can be pretty long, so car stereos are very popular, especially because many automobile models sold in the country don’t come with built-in systems. Navigation systems, power adapters, and mobile phone supports also sell well.

Sports and Leisure Products

Brazilians hit the gym – a lot – and need proper shoes for their workouts. Sneakers are also the shoes of choice for many people – it’s part of their style. Some Brazilians are sneaker collectors, as many brands always drop special collections. The CrossFit craze is strong, so CrossFit climbing ropes have been trending. Other sports items that Brazilians like to buy online include home workout equipment, fitness apparel, and workout mats.


Books never go out of style. A recent phenomenon has been the surge in the purchase of business-oriented books. Maybe this is because the country now has many entrepreneurs. Self-help is also a best-selling genre.

Localize for Brazil – Final Thoughts

Localization for Brazil needs to go beyond just translating your website and app into Portuguese. You also need to take a look at the cultural specifics that pertain to this lucrative market. If you decide to enter the Brazilian market and translate and localize your content using Brazilian Portuguese, then reach out to Localize – we will be only too pleased to help you localize for Brazil and find your way forward.

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