Why Your Localization Project Needs a Localization Dream Team

localization team

If you are embarking on a localization project, your first step should be to assemble a localization team of committed people. The collaboration of project managers, translators, proofreaders, and others is simply essential to produce a good outcome.

You Need a Dream Team – Your team should be capable of ensuring that all practices are conducive to localization. So, here’s what the makeup of your dream team might look like.

 The Visionary (aka Marketing Specialist)

This team member’s job is to oversee and direct marketing strategy in accordance with the company’s overall brand, voice, and international goals. This individual needs the finesse of a marketer combined with razor-sharp business savvy. It’s the visionary’s responsibility to:

  • Oversee the company’s international branding as a whole.
  • Make sure that everything intended for the targeted foreign market is ready to be released.
  • Ensure that every translation captures the brand and authentic voice of the company.

The Sorcerer (aka Localization Project Manager)

This individual should be an expert in all aspects of the localization process, pay acute attention to detail, and possess sharp negotiation skills. This person’s localization expertise should extend to:

  • Defining metrics to manage and track linguistic quality.
  • Setting delivery milestones for the localization project.
  • Solving any problems that arise along the way.

The Tech Wizard (aka Localization Engineer)

This team member should be a dab hand at working with translation technology, e.g., Translation Memory, Machine Translation, and Quality Assurance (QA) tools. They should have a complete understanding of how tools speed up the translation process. It’s the tech’s job to:

  • Evaluate and choose the most appropriate localization tools for a particular localization project.
  • Leverage previous translations if available.
  • Decide on the best connectors/integrations for a particular localization project.

The Budget Virtuoso (aka Vendor Manager)

This person needs to be a mastermind at data collecting and analysis, number crunching, and identifying areas for improvements and cost savings. They may have a role in finance or procurement and may not know a lot about localization. However, they will be likely to speak up when costs seem to be getting out of hand. They are good at:

  • Appreciating the difference between necessary investment and wasted expenditures.
  • Evaluating and choosing the best translation partner for the company.
  • Signing service level agreements that are favorable.

The Polyglot (aka Translator)

This globe-trotting team member can translate your content, marketing offer, message, brand, etc., and make it work in a different language. This individual should be a professional translator with proven qualifications and experience. Their responsibility is to:

  • Understand the concept and then translate it in context.
  • Ensure that the translation will work for the intended market.
  • Come up with changes to more accurately capture the brand and voice of the company.

The Savior (aka In-Country Reviewer (ICR)

An ICR adds a critical element to your localization project. Generally speaking, an ICR will be a native speaker of your targeted language and may also need to be a specialist in a given field. Although an ICR could be regarded as an additional step in the translation process, the value gained by utilizing one is immense. This is how an ICR can benefit your localization project:

  • Ensures that your company is correctly represented locally in a foreign market.
  • Checks stylistic choices and phrasing to make sure the target language stays representative of your product or service.

You can understand the value of an ICR by looking at companies that very clearly did not utilize one.

Your Localization Project: Collaboration Is Key

It should be evident that collaboration is the backbone of every localization project. With that in mind, you should choose a high-quality Translation Management System (TMS) such as Localize, where all participants in your localization project can work seamlessly together. At Localize, every tool is collaborative to make it as easy as possible to organize your localization projects.

The Easier Way to Assemble Your Dream Localization Team

While the above is a dream team, realistically, you are unlikely to have all of these people with these job descriptions or skills in your company. This is why you should consider working with a professional localization service provider such as Localize.

Localize provides you with a translation/localization platform that helps you translate and localize text into your targeted language. All of your company users share the same translation memory and terminology repository, which means that everything translated is also kept consistent.  We have enabled hundreds of businesses to provide high-quality content to their international customers.

  • Contact Localize for more information and/or a free trial. We will help you put together your dream localization team.

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